By Frank Luna

With all this talk of the Sacramento Kings moving to Virgina Beach, you can’t help but wonder how many more times we will go down this road with other perspective cities.

Anaheim, Seattle, even Kansas City have been mentioned as possible suitors for the Kings, and the Maloofs continue to deny they are actively shopping the team around.

To be fair, let’s give the brothers the benefit of the doubt on that one, but the collapsed arena deal and the dubious future of the Kings arena only fueles the fires of speculation.

We may find that every city that proposes a new sports complex, looking for a tenant, inevitably mentions the Kings somewhere in their first press release.

This is just an indignity we’ll have to endure while the Kings’ status in Sacramento remains ambiguous. The only way to fix this may be for the owners to re-engage the city in serious arena talks or sell the team to someone committed to seeing a new sports complex built.

With neither likely to happen soon, we may have to weather countless rumors on the Kings going elsewhere.


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