SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A day after a grandmother was arrested for allegedly having knives and drugs around her grandkids, the mother of the children has also been booked into jail.

Police say a 6-year-old child inside a south Sacramento home was suffering, seriously bitten by a dog but ignored.
Now his mother, Mandy Rhein-Edwards, 32, has been arrested on felony child abuse charges.

Rhein-Edwards now joins the child’s grandmother, 64-year-old Martha Bagby, behind bars on the same exact charge.

As CBS13 reported Sunday, Bagby is accused of letting Rhein-Edwards’ other child, 5, sleep on a bed with knives inches away – and that wasn’t all

“They found baggies with residue of methamphetamine, they found methamphetamine pipes,” police spokeswoman Officer Michelle Gigante said.

A man who only identified himself as Bagby’s nephew says police were upset they didn’t find the person they were searching for.

“They came in here looking for another grandson,” he said. “He wasn’t here. He doesn’t even live here. I guess the officers were having a bad day, but other than that, the kids are well taken care of.”

And as for those knives on Bagby’s bed? He says there’s a simple explanation.

“She eats her fruit, you know, she uses her knife to cut her apples and stuff,” he said.

But police say they also are also taking into account that Rhein-Edwards’ other child was surrounded by danger in that bed when they decided to arrest her.

Both women denied our requests to speak with them at the jail.


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