We had reservations Saturday night for the patio, but it was a bit breezy and we were uncertain if we would be comfortable or not sitting outside. The hostess at Ten 22 assured us that, with their tall garden walls and firebar, we would be just fine. And, we were. VERY nice.

Ten 22 is at 1022 Second Street in Old Sacramento, just a block away from its sister restaurant-The Firehouse. Parking proved to be a challenge…there was a Rivercats game that night and 5 weddings we later learned…but while Dale found a place to leave the car, I was taken out through the very classy main dining area to the patio out back. Wow…pretty!

1022fire2 Wine And Dine Wednesday: Dinner At Ten 22

Ten 22 Firebar by Jennifer Wood

There are twinkly lights strung across the trees, that large “firebar” with tall chairs around it, two-tops, four-tops and tables big enough to entertain large parties, and beautiful brick walls enclosing three sides of the area. I was taken to a very cozy table near the firebar and was quite content all night.

I ordered Dale a Highwater Brewing Campfire stout, which SO smelled like chocolate! I got a lemonade. Which smelled like lemonade.

Executive Chef Jay Veregge likes to keep his menu seasonal and local.

1022table2 Wine And Dine Wednesday: Dinner At Ten 22

Jenn At Ten 22 by Dale Shaver

We each ordered a starter: He-pulled pork brushcetta.

1022sliders Wine And Dine Wednesday: Dinner At Ten 22

Ten 22 Pork Brushcetta by Jennifer Wood

She-tomato soup.

1022soup Wine And Dine Wednesday: Dinner At Ten 22

Tenn 22 Tomato soup by Jennifer Wood

The brushcetta was served with roasted tomatoes on garlic toast and had a nice, thick and sweet balsamic reduction. It was also topped with frisee, although we were not sure why. But hey, I like frisee.

The tomato soup was creamy and had a tiny cheddar crouton floating on top. Usually, tomato soup has an Italian interpretation and this soup did have basil oil, but I wasn’t sure why the cheese was cheddar. That is, until I ate it. GCS! Not much better combo than tomato soup and grilled cheese, and this was great.

Sean, our server, said that elk was the special, so Dale got that. I got the paella. We also got as side of their “white grits” fries. Hold on for THAT one.

Now, when I was a kid,I used to go hunting with my dad, so my sisters and I grew up eating game. I LOVE game! This elk was very good, had a nice meaty flavor and char, but it wasn’t gamey enough for me. Don’t get me wrong…it was very good. underneath was creamed spinach and smashed horseradish potatoes which really matched.

My paella was WAY bigger than I thought it would be. We took most of it home. A little on the salty side, but the saffron arborio rice was perfect and the clams and mussels were yummy and sweet.

And now…let me introduce you to one of the best things ever……WHITE GRITS FRIES!!!!!

This picture does not do them justice, trust me.

1022fries Wine And Dine Wednesday: Dinner At Ten 22

Ten 22 White Grits Fries by Jennifer Wood

These are so simple, but sometimes simple is best. Just white grits chilled to harden up, then cut into pieces and fried. That’s it. Really. They arrived piping hot, salty and so GREAT! You actually get six, but I ate one before even thinking about a picture for you.

We were too full for dessert…even for their deconstructed banana split, which looked heavenly. Dale and I had a great time in Old Sacramento…we even crashed a wedding there after supper at Ten 22, but that’s another story….Unfortunately, there IS video….



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