LINDEN (CBS13) – There is a secret mission to move “Speed Freak Killer” Wesley Shermantine from death row again to find more victim remains.

CBS13 is uncovering new details about that mission and where investigators will likely be digging next.

The area is in Linden, and according to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, Wesley Shermantine pointed out four sites to investigators, saying they would recover remains.

In a 30-minute phone call with Padilla, Shermantine detailed his first trip to Linden in more than 11 years to the supposed killing fields of the Speed Freak Killers.

“He said it was great, it was fantastic to be out in fresh air, and actually seeing people in all that,” said Padilla.

But, the serial killer did find one thing quite strange.

“He had more people guarding him with guns than the ambassador of the United States has when he goes to Afghanistan,” said Padilla.

Shermantine told Padilla the investigators woke him up at 3:30 a.m. Sunday, and he was back in his cell at San Quentin by noon. Shermantine had a few sandwiches along the way.

“He says they were here no more than an hour and a half, two hours max,” said Padilla.

That’s when he pointed out four wells, all within one open space.

Padilla says Shermantine is fairly confident investigators will find bodies in those wells.

But, why isn’t he 100 percent sure?

“Where you’re at 2 or 3 in the morning and you’re on dope, and you’re all screwed up in the head, and it’s dark, and you’re stumbling around, there’s a well, oh OK, here’s a body,” said Padilla.

Transporting Shermantine to aid in the search efforts has been met with some resistance. Only after lawmakers passed a bill was the killer finally able to help.

“I think he feels like now he is doing something more productive than just sitting there drawing maps within his cell,” said Padilla.

Now, dozens of families who’ve waited for years are still waiting and wondering what investigators will do next.

According to a high-level source, investigators are trying to determine the viability of the sites Shermantine pointed out.

At this point, it didn’t appear to CBS13 that investigators began digging in those areas.


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