RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Hundreds headed to local waterways on this Labor Day holiday, but it was a lot quieter than many weekends. River patrol crews say the alcohol ban has limited crowds and trouble.

“We just want to float down the river,” rafter Angie Rincon said Monday.

And this Labor Day, she didn’t have to fight much raft traffic.

“It’s just a nice, mellow weekend for families to enjoy the river,” said Dave Hill with American River Raft Rentals.

American River Raft Rentals had 80 rafts on the river Monday. The company is capable of renting out hundreds.

“Before the alcohol ban, this weekend was very busy,” Hill said.

No, it wasn’t a party scene Monday, but there was plenty to keep rescue agencies busy. One man had to toss away his beer and put his medical marijuana back in the car.

“We had a tall can (of beer) in there; they made us throw it out,” rafter Blake Houston said. “And they sell it here too.”

CBS13 went along for a ride with a Sacramento Metro Fire river team on Monday.

“We’re just trying to make sure that everyone is safe and everybody is having a good time,” Sac Metro’s Rich Coleman said.

We didn’t see any rescues, and Sac Metro Fire tried to make sure there wouldn’t be any, even handing out life preservers to some young children.

“There are all types of things that happen out here, you name it,” Coleman said. “It can be anybody jumping from a bridge, somebody drowns or somebody gets lost.”


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