By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Chris McKinnon’s sauna was supposed to arrive within four weeks, but after seven months it was nowhere to be seen, he said.

McKinnon and his wife bought the infrared sauna for $1,999 in January at the Northern California Home and Landscape Expo from a company called Sauna Corp.

“It’s going on eight months, that’s ridiculous,” he said.

After being diagnosed with leukemia and two knee replacements — McKinnon still likes to ride his bicycle to and from his job as a chemistry teacher.

“Getting older, I feel my joints are tightening up,” he said.

McKinnon says every time he called he was told the sauna was on its way, he said.

Then the company quit returning calls and its attorneys sent this letter telling saying it would be six more weeks, he said, which have come and gone.

“I wouldn’t have waited two days,” said Gary Almond of the Better Business Bureau.

Almond said if a company won’t return your calls after taking your order, you should contest the charge on your credit card right then.

He said it’s an indication of how that company does business.

“If a company becomes unresponsive with you, you’re likely to receive the same service after the sale, once it’s in, looking for a warranty repair,” he said.

CBS13 tracked down Sauna Corp owner Bill Eskey who blamed his supplier, saying, “We import our units from overseas.”

He admitted “60 customers'” saunas have been delayed, but said most have now been delivered.

After CBS13 got involved, Eskey said he would ship McKinnon’s sauna, but insisted CBS13’s call did not impact his decision to ship the sauna.

McKinnon, having received his sauna, is relieved the worry is over.

“Nobody else should have to go through this very same thing,” he said.

Organizers of the Northern California Home and Landscape Expo said they won’t allow Sauna Corp to return to its shows.

Sauna Corp says it tried to do the right thing here. Instead of declaring bankruptcy, they wanted to fulfill all the customers’ orders even if it took a while.


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