SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Serving up an upset in Colorado, the Sac State Hornets stung the Buffalos tonight in Boulder. Many Hornets fans were not at the game in Colorado, but they could be heard in Sacramento.

And with a field goal, Sacramento State football just proved the odds aren’t everything when they stunned a packed stadium in Colorado and changed the life of one player.

“I think it’s great for Sac State. I think it’s great for the university,” said Sac State fan Brian Kirn.

Just off campus it was a topic at hand. The Hornets, of all teams, took down Colorado in Boulder, which is a Pac-12 team, 28-to 30.

“Going away from home, getting a win from a big program, that’s always huge,” said Kirn.

The sentiment was just the same on campus especially for team hopefuls like Matt Osivwemu

“It’s crazy. I can’t, I can’t believe we won in Colorado. That’s a Pac-12 school.”

A close game the whole way through, it was walk-on player Edgar Castedena that kicked to clinched the game and his future.

Hornets head coach Marshall Sperbeck announced after the game, Castaneda, a previously unknown kicker, would be receiving a full-ride scholarship.

Back home, the message beamed out here at the sac state campus for everyone to see: beware of the Hornets. And while the team did beat up Oregon State last year, this seemed bigger.

“I’m proud to be a Hornet today. I’m always proud, but it makes me even more proud to be a Hornet, ” said Osivwemu.

Back at the bar, the hope is that this is only the beginning.

“I hope it turns on recruits that are here locally to maybe look at staying closer to home,” said Kirn.

Sac State is becoming known as the spoiler in the Pac-12. Last year they upset Oregon State 29-28 in overtime.


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