AUBURN (CBS13) – It’s like a scene out of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” except this time it happened in real life.

A local man was allegedly chased with a chainsaw by his roommate.

The victim says he’s never been so scared in his entire life.

The roommate says it all started with the suspect grabbing a chainsaw, taking off the screen and trying to get into his bedroom.

“I don’t know what clicked in his head, but he went off the deep end,” said victim Gary Hayes.

It was the scariest moment of Hayes’ life.

He just finished talking to his 63-year-old roommate Marvin Daniels.

The conversation was normal, then minutes later, he says Daniels was chasing him with a revved up chainsaw.

“He’s just getting started, when he says that, well I’m thinking, I need to get the hell out of here,” said Hayes.

He says Daniels tried to get into his bedroom through the window, and then came in the house and chased him down the hall.

Hayes went back into his bedroom and locked the door. He says Daniels then went back outside and that’s when he escaped through the front door and called 911.

“When you come that close to getting a chainsaw wide open in your face, it scares the (expletive) out of you,” said Hayes.

Daniels is locked up for making criminal threats and brandishing a weapon.

Hayes says he’ll be able to sleep, even though he just lived through his worst nightmare.

“It’s the scariest I’ve ever been, not the kind of crap you see on TV, not up here in Auburn,” said Hayes.

Hayes was not hurt, and believes his roommate will be locked up for awhile. And he doesn’t plan to move unless Daniels is released on bail.

Hayes says that he believes the suspect has a mental illness and hasn’t been taking his medication.


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