STOCKTON (CBS13) – It was scary moment inside a Stockton credit union for customers after two suspects, armed and dangerous, forced them to the floor during a robbery Tuesday morning.

“Bad timing today,” witness Carlos Aguirre said.

“I was very scared,” Deborah Stack, another witness, said.

“It was kind of surreal,” Aguirre added.

Stockton police say it was real alright.

Two men wearing wigs and beanies walked into Premier Community Credit Union on Benjamin Holt Drive demanding money.

“First thing I heard was, ‘Hey everybody, put your hands up,'” Aguirre said. “Honestly, I took it as a joke and I turned around and the two gentlemen were standing there with guns kind of pointing at me.”

“He told us to put our hands up and not to look at him,” Stack said.

Witnesses tell CBS13 as the suspects were grabbing cash from behind the counter, one of the robbers fired his gun near the credit union manager.

“She was standing up before the shot and then she was not,” Stack said.

Police say the bullet shattered a computer monitor, sending fragments into the face of the manager. She was taken to the hospital but is OK.

It was if the criminals had the caper rehearsed right down to the second. They may have even known where police were in the city.

“The one behind us was telling him, ‘Hurry, hurry. We’ve got 10 seconds,'” Stack said.

“The gentleman had a scanner because I heard a scanner go off so they pretty much knew how much time they had to get in and out of the bank and what call signs or what not to look for,” Aguirre said.

Investigators say the suspects didn’t get away with any money, however. The robbers took off in their get-away car, leaving a bag of cash in the street soaked with exploded red dye.


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