SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It was a brush with death for a teen who crashed his SUV into another car Thursday night, sending him spinning into a building.

That teen, identified Friday as DeShawn Davis, 19, of Rancho Cordova, did make it out alive but is accused of stealing the car before that crash.

He not only made it out alive, but witnesses say he was OK enough to run, until police caught up to him.

“We heard a couple of really big crashes. It sounded like a bomb going off,” said witness Penny Niles.

Niles and her friends saw the scene at J Street between 48th and 49th streets, when they looked around the corner. It was an SUV wedged between a pole and Knott’s Pharmacy.

“There were about 10 of us out here, and we all went very startled,” said Niles.

Surprise soon turned to disbelief when they realized the driver of that SUV made it out alive and was running.

“Across the road, and he went around the corner of the restaurant,” Niles said of the fleeing suspect.

Sacramento police say Davis likely stole the SUV and then crashed into another car on J Street before losing control and slamming into the pharmacy.

The store’s owner received the call from her security company.

“They just had said that a car had crashed into our store,” said owner Terri Ramirez Dokimos.

Police say they found the hit-and-run driver OK 15 minutes later.

He’s now in jail.

Dokimos is left cleaning the mess that teen is accused of creating.

Luckily though, the store closed right before the crash.

“It could’ve been a whole different situation,” said Dokimos. “I’m just happy that everything is fine.”

There are surveillance cameras outside of the pharmacy, so the crash was caught on tape.


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