SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – What does Sacramento and the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore have in common? Why GTL of course! That’s gym, tan, laundry for those of you who haven’t caught Snooki and her tanned friends.

The MTV reality show Jersey Show made the phrase ‘GTL’ part of popular vernacular when its male stars started using the phrase to talk about the necessity of going to the gym, tanning salon and Laundromat on a daily basis.

According to, Sacramento ranks in the “Top 10 Places To GTL” as measured by Foursquare check-ins. Foursquare is a social networking application that allows users to post their location, or check-in, and connect with friends.

The company sorted through more than 2 billion check-ins to find the cities with the most check-ins for gyms, laundry, tanning salons and beaches.

Of course, Ocean City, New Jersey came out on top. It was followed by Manchester, N.H. and Panama City, Fla. Rounding out the Top 4 “jerseylicious” cities is Sacramento.

top gtl cities Sacramento Ranks In Top 10 GTL Cities: Thats Gym, Tan, Laundry

Foursquare says these cities will be most likely to carry on the Jersey Shore Legacy.


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