SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Thousands of people got a rare glimpse of locomotive history as Union Pacific Railroad marked its 150th anniversary with a huge event in Old Sacramento.

No matter the age, people love trains.

“They’re so beautiful to me. They’re like giant works of art,” said one train fan.

It’s no surprise thousands came out to celebrate Union Pacific Railroad’s 150th anniversary.

“Sacramento is a hub for Union Pacific. Today it’s a big part of our company,” said Aaron Hunt with Union Pacific Railroad.

Train enthusiasts waited in long lines just to see the last steam locomotive built for Union Pacific, living legend number 844.

“I come to see this locomotive; it’s a very famous locomotive. I’ve never seen it up close,” said another train enthusiast.

“I think the size and the scale of scope of this locomotive really impress people,” said Hunt.

The high-speed passenger train, weighing 454 tons, has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles.

While 844 is the past, the Union Pacific 9,900 is the future.

“The next step is to reduce our diesel emissions,” said Hunt.

Union Pacific Railroad CEO Jack Kordeski says the railroad industry remains a significant part of our lives.

“This is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly locomotive that’s ever been built,” asid Kordeski. “Union Pacific hauls so much of the products people use everyday: automobiles, fruits, vegetables, apparel, accessories, footwear.”

The celebration continues Sunday starting at 10 a.m. in Old Sacramento.


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