OAKLAND (CBS13) – There’s no question A’s fever has struck the parking lot at the Coliseum as the fans started arriving before daylight for Wednesday’s season finale against Texas with the AL West division title on the line. .

“It’s powerful bro.”

“It’s unreal. It’s exciting.”

“It’s unbelievable.”

That the A’s are even here is remarkable. In June, Oakland trailed the rangers by 13 games. Now they’re tied with one game to play.

“I’ve got the chills right now as we’re talking about this,” one fan said before Wednesday’s game.

People showed up to the Coliseum parking lot as early as 5 a.m. waiting for the gates to open.

“We all get to play hooky and have fun and watch a ballgame together as a family,
Joseph Mora said. “There is nothing better than that.”

Everywhere you look it’s a sea of green and gold.

“Everybody is excited,” Jeffrey Benn said.

The A’s have been the buzz off baseball the last two months, going on a remarkable run despite trading away their best players before the season and operating with the league’s smallest payroll.

“It’s an unreal, unbelievable, unfathomable experience that we’re going to experience today,” Mora said.

Old or young, small or tall, everybody seems to want a piece of the excitement surrounding the streaking A’s.

“Some little kids might be missing a day of school, but it’s OK,” Alex Gutierrez said.

It’s been six years since Oakland has been in the playoffs and fans are loving every moment of it.


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