Don begins with a call from loyal listener “Derek,” who won a trip to the Bunny Ranch earlier in the week because his wife cheated on him. Apparently Don got a few emails from the ex-wife, who claimed that Derek was abusive. Derek comes on the air to clear his name, but not very well. The guys then get into a discussion about last night’s Presidential debate, and how they thought each candidate did, before Don plays the clip of an overweight news lady in Wisconsin who lashes out at a viewer who emailed her and called her fat. The news lady accuses the viewer of “bullying,” and the guys discuss whether or not it really is.

The fellas then go outside to try the “Banana Sprite Challenge,” in which Craig and Little Joe each try to eat 2 bananas, and drink a liter of Sprite, without vomiting. Both guys pull it off without problem, so they each down a Mountain Dew as well. Craig starts feeling bloated, and decides to purge his contents in the parking lot, leading to all kinds of laughter, and Don’s delight. Little Joe holds it in, but feels pukey the entire morning. We then hear Steve’s new song about last night’s debate, and Mitt Romney’s lame campaign playlist, before the guys play “Password.” Today, Phantom and Steve are paired up against Little Joe and Craig.

After we hear Anderson Cooper go off on Star Jones, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, among the stories: “Won’t Back Down” is the worst debut in movie history, Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame nominations announced, the Billboard Top 100 pop songs of the past 20 years, and Bill Walton is working on a new book. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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