SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) – An earthquake rattled parts of Solano County on Monday morning. The 3.3 magnitude hit near Green Valley just southwest of Fairfield.

At Wooden Valley Vineyards, they described the feeling as a big boom. Even though Fairfield is so close to the bay, some said Monday’s earthquake was the first they’ve ever felt.

“I was glad it wasn’t a truck inside of the building,” Wooden Valley’s Lori Hickman said.

That’s what she thought happened until she realized she had just experienced an earthquake.

“It’s the first time I’ve felt it,” she said. “I’ve been here quite a few years.”

The earthquake was relatively small, but felt big enough to those close to it.

“I don’t know if it was small, but it was right here,” she said.

According to the UC Davis geology department, that’s the reason people in Green Valley all felt it. The quake’s epicenter was just two miles away.

“I’m still kind of shaky,” Jeanie Mossholder said at Green Valley Country Club. “I had a hard time with it. I’ve never felt an earthquake before.”

Green Valley is on a fault line and earthquakes do occur here. But a UC Davis scientist explained seismic activity has been low over the past few decades, which is why so many people were so surprised to feel the earth shake.

“Seven seconds, but it was enough to say ‘Wait a minute. That was the entire house,'” Shannon Nobili said.

For once, it wasn’t Shannon’s two young boys shaking the house.

“I heard something loud and I was like ‘What’s that!'” Shannon said.

According to the geology department at UC Davis, the odds are high for a big earthquake in the California/Nevada area over the next year, but Southern California is the most likely spot.


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