STOCKTON (CBS13) – Student athletes in one school district are crying foul over a plan to test them for drugs.

Lincoln Unified School District in Stockton is debating the random drug testing idea. Students are lining up off the field to tackle what’s becoming a heated debate.

“People are definitely angry that it’s going to go into effect, if it does,” said Celeste Giordani, a student.

The senior volleyball player argues mandatory random drug and alcohol testing is flat-out unfair.

“I think it’s a violation of our constitutional rights, obviously, because they’re singling out only one part of the population,” said Giordani.

It’s a controversy brewing for weeks now. Lincoln Unified School District would be the first large San Joaquin County school district to test its students.

One administrator said at a previous board meeting that drugs and alcohol are “a major problem among student athletes.”

Under the policy, about 15 percent of a team would face random testing throughout the season.

Administrators say positive tests would be kept confidential, and athletes would be given counseling, not punishment.

“We want our students to be safe,” said Superintendent Tom Uslan. “We want to give them tools for making good decisions and we want to give them assistance.”

While some are pushing back against the plan, there are those parents who say the policy would keep kids accountable.

“We’ve got to practice what we preach,” said one parent.

The Lincoln Unified School District Governing Board voted 5-1 to adopt the measure Wednesday night.


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