SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A 2-year-old and his father drowned in a backyard swimming pool.

It’s a life-changing tragedy for the boy’s mother, who found her husband and son floating in the pool and screamed for help.

The father and son passed away at the hospital.

Family in mourning gathered at the home in the 600 block of Clipper Way in Sacramento’s pocket area in the wake of what police are calling a tragic accident.

They were a picture of happiness and health, Brian and Fahm, a young, married couple with 2-year-old, Rafael.

“I just heard a ‘help, help,’ so that’s why I want to know where the help comes from,” said neighbor Losa Lini.

Family members say Fahm, who is several months pregnant, came home to find her husband and toddler unresponsive in the pool. Nobody knows exactly how it happened.

“She was crying, ‘try to help me. How’s my husband? How’s my son?’ ” said Lini.

Two women responded to Fahm’s frantic calls for help. She answered the door with tears streaming down her face, and cradling Rafael in one arm.

“The mother was carrying the baby. Baby was not breathing,” said Lini.

When they saw Brian, one of the women jumped into the pool in a desperate attempt to save him. She says he was motionless in the deep end.

“I’m trying to get him out of the pool, and it was too deep. It was too deep,” said neighbor Mela Vakaloloa.

Paramedics performed CPR, and rushed father and son to the UC Davis Medical Center on life support in critical condition.

Tearful family members waited at the house for word.

“We feel so sorry; we don’t know anything about it,” said Feuy Saechao, Brian’s aunt.

Neighbors say this family of three, with one on the way, moved in just weeks ago. Few even know their names, but all feel for the family.

“It’s so sad. She comes in and sees the husband and baby in the pool,” said Lini.


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