DAVIS (CBS13) – A soccer game taunt is getting a lot of attention, not only for the message, but for who’s behind it.

A group of fans from Davis made the controversial banner for a high school game against Jesuit. Some call the sign homophobic, and that’s just the beginning.

“I got pretty disgusted as the night went on,” parent Christine Totah said.

In fact, sisters, and mothers, Christine Totah and Lisa Qvistgaard say the behavior at Davis High School’s recent boys’ soccer game was downright disgusting.

“They were chanting, f******s, f******s; because they were playing Jesuit and it’s an all boys school,” said Totah.

It was blatant nonstop homophobic slurs hurled out of the Davis fan section.

“The parents were laughing; they thought it was funny,” said Totah.

Then three young men, dressed in hot dog outfits, came out with a sign reading “Jesuit Hearts Weiners.”

Totah, enraged, stood up and tore it from their hands.

“They called me a lot of really choice names,” said Totah.

But the sisters didn’t stop there. They left so upset that it sparked Qvistgaard to write a letter to the local paper, which received mixed but mostly positive reaction.

“It was pretty funny when I heard about it,” goalie Jesus Gutierrez said. I saw pictures of it.”

Davis High players had mixed feelings about the sign and its reaction.

“Sometimes our school gets a little too hyped up in the rivalry, and long-held stereotypes about the all-boys school come out in this game,” said Rami Rashamwi. “It wasn’t very appropriate.”

Head Coach Alex Park stressed the players themselves were not involved.

“For us, we can’t control the fans. We can only control our players,” said Park.” I think we did a good job.”

For Totah and Qvistgaard, the hope is that it becomes a chance to learn.

“You are responsible not just your intent, but you’re also responsible for the outcome of your action,” said Qvistgaard.

The school district has denounced the actions and said the fans involved were not students at any school in the district.


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