Don begins with a phone call he got yesterday, which was a gallup poll, asking him who he was voting for in this year’s Presidential Election. Apparently Don changed his answer twice during the call. We then hear about Don’s son Bart, who has adopted a chihuahua that his cab driver hit Saturday night. After Craig explains why he has a beef with loyal listener Jerkman88, the guys talk about last night’s football game, and Niners coach Jim Harbaugh’s decision to decline the penalty at the end of the game that would’ve given the Niners a safety, and covered the point spread.

We then get a visit from actor Michael Chiklis. Michael, who stars in the CBS series “Vegas,” talks about his work on the show, and tells us about his new rock band, the “Michael Chiklis Band.” Don even plays one of his songs on the air. After hearing Tom Hanks drop the F-bomb on “Good Morning America,” and clips from last night’s Correspondents Dinner, Don reads a new Kirk/Spock story, written by a loyal listener in China, about the President and Governor Romney.

The guys also play a new round of Stump The Stoop. This time, the song lists are sorted by genres- Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Disco, and Hip Hop/Rap. Don then plays a game called “Can You Get To 10?” In which listeners have to tell ten lies to a relative o win tickets to this weekend’s Raider game. When nobody calls up, Don brings in Sweaty Sean to give it a try. Sean calls his dad, who turns 59 today, and pulls it off!!

After the guys pick the NFL games, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a new spray on enzyme that dissolves dog feces, the movies that come out this weekend, The top 50 horror movies of all time, and the TV show “Animal Practice” has been cancelled. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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