By Steve Large

MODESTO (CBS13) – A Modesto bank has reopened after a customer’s deposit sent bank employees to the hospital.

Several people inside a Modesto bank broke out in hives Friday afternoon after a customer brought in money wrapped in a paper towel, police said.

The incident happened at the Chase Bank at Tully Road and Standiford Avenue.

Minutes after the deposit was made, the teller broke out and had trouble breathing. At least two other people inside the bank experienced similar symptoms soon after, police said.

Police made contact with the bank customer and were questioning him at his home.

A Hazmat team was sent to the bank and the employees had to be showered off outside.

The Hazmat team tested the customer’s dollar bills that employees handled before breaking out in hives.

An unknown contaminant was discovered and the money was turned into the Department of Justice.

Police say the hospitalized employees have been released.


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