SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – You may think this local athlete is a basketball player, until you see his swing.

Golf pro Isaac Sanchez is hoping to make a dream come true, playing in the PGA tour.

They call golfer Issac Sanchez “Sasquatch” for reasons you could probably guess.

“I think it has something to do with my size,” jokes Sanchez.

You can’t really get an idea of just how big he is until you see him hitting next to other golfers.

CBS13 cameras caught him teeing off and hitting for more than 300 yards.

It’s not just his size and long drives that set him apart on the links; he also has piercings and a bunch of tattoos.

“I enjoy standing out even more than I already do,” said Sanchez.

Needless to say, it’s pretty unusual for a usually buttoned up sport. His story is pretty unusual too.

He got started playing because of his dad.

“He drove trucks for Raley’s. They had a tournament and my dad came home with some clubs and I got hooked from there,” said Sanchez.

Being 45 minutes from the nearest course, he made his own putting green on the hard pan next to his house in River Pines. He didn’t even realize people could make a living hitting balls around a golf course until he ran into a golfing legend.

“There was this guy cruising around on a golf cart at the first tournament I had won. He told me nice win, and the kids were like ‘that was Johnny Miller. I said ‘yeah, who is Johnny Miller,’ said Sanchez. ” ‘He won the US Open (they said).’ I said, ‘what’s the US Open?’ ”

Now, the big guy is on the cusp of his big break. He is being featured in a reality show on the Golf Channel. If he wins, he will get to play in a PGA tournament. If he doesn’t win, well he kind of feels like he already has.

“I get to play golf for a living. So if I end up on the PGA tour that would be the ultimate. If not, I still can support my family, pretty awesome either way.”

Sanchez is doing very well on the reality show. So far he has made it past the first four rounds.


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