STOCKTON (CBS13) – It’s been a deadly two days in Stockton with as many as eight homicides in just a matter of days, and Monday night, investigators had their hands full with a possible triple-murder suicide.

A complicated set of events ended at the O’Conner Woods Assisted Living Center where an 88-year-old woman was shot inside her room. She was rushed to the hospital but died not long after.

Detectives also found a 45-year-old man dead in the victim’s room, along with a gun they think could be the murder weapon.

“We are looking at the aspect of ‘Did he take his own life?'” police spokesman Officer Joe Silva said.

As police start to unravel the clues of the possible murder-suicide, they searched a silver mini van believed to be the vehicle the 45-year-old was driving. Inside, they found a 57-year-old woman dead.

It’s the vehicle witnesses say they saw leaving the scene of another crime where a 64-year-old woman was murdered inside her home in the 400 block of N. Regent. Three murders in just a matter of an hour brings the total to 59 in Stockton this year, breaking the record for homicides set just last year.

“It’s getting worse and worse out here,” one resident said. “It’s something new every day.”

Now detectives are working to determine whether the victims are related, and what possible connection, if any, they had to the man detectives believe may have taken his own life.

At this point investigators say they aren’t looking for any other suspects, and at this point, investigators aren’t releasing the names of the victims until they have notified their families.


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