EMIGRANT GAP (CBS13) – An 82-year-old man was stuck in his truck in the snow for almost three days before he finally decided it was time to call for help.

“One chain ripped off and I kept going and the other chain ripped off and I said, ‘Oh hell,'” Ed Boydston said.

It’s been quite a unique few days for Ed. His truck got stuck in the snow three miles from his house on an isolated dirt road near Emigrant Gap.

“I sat there for a little over two days, and I guess the third day I called 911,” he said.

“Why didn’t you call 911 an hour after you were stuck?” CBS13’s Laura Cole asked him on Tuesday night.

“Well, why get excited you know? I’m out in a nice, beautiful place. I see the deer going by,” he said.

He said he just sat in his truck with his two dogs and made the most of it.

“I ended up eating peanuts and drinking Rockstar,” he said, laughing. “I found a can of peaches.”

And he didn’t see anyone for three days?

“Oh, I saw my dogs, I saw 35 deer,” he said. “I had a panoramic view.”

But no people for three days? “Yeah, fortunately,” he laughed.

When the Placer County Sheriff’s Office got the call Tuesday morning, they searched for three hours until they found him late in the afternoon.

Ed told them he only called 911 because he got uncomfortable.

“I was telling him, ‘This is definitely something I will remember for the rest of my career,'” Sgt. Ty Conners said.

And of course, this 82-year-old has nothing but gratitude for the guys who saved him. It’s a moment in time none of these men will ever forget.

“Thank you very much. I was really worried that you wouldn’t find me, but you were persistent,” Ed told his rescuers.

The sheriff’s sergeant was taking Ed to Colfax where a friend will be picking him up and driving him to his other home in Bay Point for the winter.


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