SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Holding his 6-month-old baby boy in his arms, the Rancho Cordova man whose wife and two other young children were murdered – allegedly at the hands of his own brother – spoke publicly for the first time Thursday

This is tragedy, so horrendous, even veteran law enforcement officers are saying it’s one of the worst they’ve ever seen, but Denis Bukhantsov is thanking God that 6-month-old son Marc is still alive.

dad and baby Rancho Cordova Family Speaks Out About Horrific Murders

Denis Bukhantsov and his baby at a press conference in Sacramento on Thursday. (credit: CBS)

“I have someone to live for and I’ll try to take care of him as best as I can,” he said during the family press conference at the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

Denis is living a nightmare after he walked into his Rancho Cordova home to find his wife and two young children murdered.

But in the midst of horror – a miracle. Denis found his baby Marc alive in his crib.

“I just took blanket from his face, he woke up, and I said ‘He was alive, it was something, you know. He was alive. Thank you. Thank you,'” Denis said in his Slavic accent.

The family held the press conference to thank the community for their support. At times they smiled remembering Alina, 23, Emmanuela, 3, and Avenir, 2, but the pain is still very raw.

“The children were like angels,” said Alina’s uncle Nikolay Oliferchik. “Alina was like an angel.”

“I hope I see her in heaven, and my grandchildren,” said Alina’s mother, Nadezhda Oliferchik.

Denis revealed Thursday that the suspect, his 19-year-old brother Grigoriy, stayed at his house the night before the brutal murders. In an act of compassion, Denis let his troubled brother spend Monday night at his home.

“I let him stay because for a few days he was sleeping outside,” Denis said. “He came, he was wet, it was rain, and he asked to stay in my house for a night.”

Grigoriy was battling drug abuse, had a history of threatening family and had recently served jail time after a burglary arrest. Still, Denis could never have fathomed what happened Tuesday.

“It’s hard to understand. It’s hard to accept,” Denis said. “He was my brother.”

Denis and Alina were active members of their Slavic church. Alina taught Sunday school. Denis led youth groups.

“She was a great mom. She was my best friend,” Denis said.

Now the family is leaning on their faith as they cope with the unthinkable.

“God took them away,” Denis said. “They were ready. They were prepared.”

A dozen family members were at Thursday’s press conference. Denis is just beginning this mourning process, but he has a huge support group in his corner.

Memorial Service
When: 10 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 27
Where: Bethany Slavic Missionary Church
Address: 9880 Jackson Road Sacramento, CA 95827


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