SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A day after the super storm on the east coast, people are still scrambling to track down their loved ones, including a Sacramento woman desperate to hear from her sister.

People all over the country can’t even get on flights to help their loved ones. Many still can’t even reach them by phone.

Cornisha Hampton hasn’t spoken to her sister Shadell since Hurricane Sandy came ashore. Shadell lives in hard-hit Elizabeth, N.J.

“We’re all worried you know,” Cornisha said. “It’s very bothersome to know that you have family member that’s out there in that type of weather and in those type of conditions and there is nothing that you can do about it.”

Shadell is married and just had a baby, 5-month old Rania. Cornisha worries most about how her niece is doing.

“They have no electricity to warm bottles if they needed to or anything and that’s bothersome a lot, and not hearing from her just makes it worse,” she said.

Cornisha tries almost every hour to reach her sister. All she hears is “all circuits are busy now.”

Sometimes she just sits by her phone and waits for it to ring, hoping it’s Shadell. She’s even messaged her on Facebook and tried to call her on Skype.

“I don’t want to think the worst,” she said. “I try and stay on a positive note and hope that she’s OK and hope that everything is going to be alright.”

Still, every moment is agony wondering, waiting, worrying and hoping her sister is just one of the millions without power.

“I just want to hear her say she’s OK really,” she said.

It could take several more days, possibly even weeks before power is restored to that area.


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