STOCKTON (CBS13) – A daughter is murdered, and her mother is left to make sense of the crime. Detectives say they may have a clue that could help put the killer behind bars.

It was date night. The woman was out with her long-time boyfriend and another couple when investigators say the shooters walked up and opened fire. Her mother is now hopeful new surveillance video will help lead to her daughter’s killers.

“I’m still basically in shock. It’s still not real to me yet,” said the victim’s mother, Vicki.

Denise Lemberg, 27, was a loving mother and daughter. It’s hard enough for her Vicki to go on without her. It’s even worse knowing someone killed Denise for no reason.

“I cry my eyes out when I’m in the car by myself in the early morning hours, in the shower,” said Vicki.

The murder happened on Oct. 20 on Mist Trail Drive. Surveillance video of the minutes before the shooting shows the car investigators believe the suspects were in.

The video shows them walking down the sidewalk before they killed Denise and shot her friend in the back seat.

“Somebody just walked up and peppered the side of the car and killed my daughter,” said Vicki.

Denise had just become an EMT, and was living with Vicki while raising her 9-year-old daughter.

“Her daughter told me that last thing mommy said was goodbye, and so that’s the last memory her daughter will always have of her mommy,” said Vicki.

Amidst the grief and pain, little brings Vicki comfort, but she has new hope the newly released surveillance video will help catch the killers.

Now she’s focused on being strong for her granddaughter, taking on the role of mom for a little girl who will need all the love and support she can get.

“Denise was the most beautiful person ever and it’s going to be real, real hard for our family to spend the rest of our lives without her,” said Vicki.

Both suspects are described as Hispanic teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17. According to investigators, one of the suspects was wearing a grey “Ben Davis” short sleeve shirt.


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