FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – The search is on for a couple stealing mail out of random boxes.

“We have some serial mail thieves out there,” said Mike Miller, Neighborhood Watch.

It’s a brazen crime.

“One drives while one steals,” said Miller.

Police say a couple is committing the crime casually and calmly in broad daylight.

“This is their job. They’re out in the mornings doing their job,” said Miller.

Miller is determined to catch the duo. He’s in charge of his Fairfield Neighborhood Watch group.

“I just feel violated. It’s wrong,” said Miller.

So does his neighbor, Angela Simmons, whose mortgage payment was stolen from her mailbox six months ago.

“It’s like getting kicked in the stomach,” said Simmons.

She didn’t find out about the theft until her mortgage company started calling. She says the theft turned her into a victim over and over again.

“They actually just took a copy of the check and made a fake check,” said Simmons. “So those fake checks started coming in and those were clearing, taking the money out of the account.”

When the thieves hit another neighbor last week, Miller went into action.

Naming his plan “Operation Mail Trap” he put up the red flag on his mailbox and let his surveillance cameras do all the work.

“It’s a female getting out of the Altima,” said Miller.

His cameras caught a clear view of the woman. Now he’s hoping the right person will see it and recognize the couple, or their car.

“So if they’re doing it to us, they’re doing it to other neighborhoods,” said Miller.


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