NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – Parents are frustrated and furious after a shooting put their kids’ school on lockdown.

Thursday’s shooting across the street from Oakdale Elementary had four suspects running away from the third shooting right next to the school in just the past week.

“I don’t know what’s going on,” parent Darren Gehrke said.

Frantic parents raced to Oakdale Elementary after a flurry of gunfire.

“I just saw sheriff’s cars everywhere,” mother Mary Gower said.

There was no mistaking the sound.

“It was clear it was shots,” witness Brandon Garcia said.

And there was no mistaking the fear that came next.

“I was deathly afraid, to be honest,” said Gower.

“I heard gunshots from my window,” said Pablo Vasquez.

Bullets crashed through car windows and ended up in apartment walls.

Parents know this is the third shooting near the school this week, but it’s the first during school hours, which lead to the lockdown.

“They won’t tell us nothing (sic). All they say is ‘you have to wait down here,’ ” said Gehrke.

It was more than a little hectic on campus as parents picked up their kids, while others were looking for theirs, eventually reuniting.

“Oh, I’m so relieved. I went in there and started crying,” said Gehrke.

Yes, there’s relief, but this revolving door of crime near campus has parents near their breaking point.

“We want our kids to go to school; we want them to be safe,” said Wanda Pope.

It’s something none of these parents think is too much to ask.

“I’m trying to move as soon as possible,” said Gower.


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