By Steve Large

DAVIS (CBS13) – Something’s fishy outside a UC Davis sorority house. It’s a prank that crossed the line to crime.

College coeds woke up to find themselves victims of vandalism, with 200 dead fish on their front lawn. But, that’s not all.

It’s a UC Davis sorority house surprise that some think is silly.

“I think it’s a funny prank but that’s a large amount of fish to be dumping around somewhere,” said one student.

Others are taking it seriously.

“That’s pretty upsetting to me. I don’t know why someone would do that,” student Sophie Preckler-Quisquater said.

At the Alpha Phi house, someone dumped 200 fish on the sorority’s front lawn.

The goldfish were all dead upon discovery.

“A lot of times people don’t buy that large of a quantity at one time,” said James Krause.

Krause owns the Davis fish store Rivers To Reef, and says a sorority member called him, asking whether he’d sold 200 goldfish to anyone.

Krauss didn’t make the sale, saying that letting the 200 fish suffocate was senseless.

“It’s definitely cruelty to animals at the very least. I remember there were students who got prosecuted in Woodland for pulling out catfish they were growing at the high school, and that’s just as senseless,” said Krause.

The apparent fish prank is now being investigated by Davis police.

Whoever dumped the fish, also dumped trash on the lawn, cut sorority bike brake lines, and rummaged though unlocked cars, stealing a wallet.

“That is where all the stigmatisms around sororities and fraternities come from, and that why I never joined one,” said Preckler-Quisquater.

Several other UC Davis sorority houses have been hit with foolish pranks this week, but it’s the 200 goldfish left dead at Alpha Phi that is now getting the attention.

It’s a prank that could mean criminal punishment.

Police are not sure is behind this and do not have a suspect at this time.

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