WEIMAR (CBS13) – Local students behind a music video hope it can help save a program on the chopping block.

Eighth grade students at Weimar Hills Charter School in Placer County are finalists in a national competition that could earn them thousands of dollars for their school.

“I love music. Ever since I was little I wanted to go on American Idol,” said Alex St. Jacques.

She may not have hit the national stage yet, but a music video made by her classmates is getting a lot of attention online.

“I get a lot of shout outs at school,” said St. Jacques. “ ‘Hey you were in the music video.’ ”

The video, inspired by the song “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees, was rewritten and tracked by students to show how technology can enhance learning.

“All the students are bummed out until they finally get their clickers and MOBIS and stuff,” explained one student.

The school is in the running for a $75,000 prize that will go towards equipment for the classroom. That is of course, if they get the votes.

“It would have a big impact on the next grades and the future generations,” said another student.

Music teacher Jon Oates says the school’s music program was cut two years ago because of budget cuts. It was reinstated, but he fears it will go away for good.

“Every year, it’s always a question,” said Oates.

“I would be devastated. Music is one of my favorite subjects,” said St. Jacques.

Oates says music has the power to reach students who may be struggling academically.

“That kid who maybe drives you crazy in the classroom, gets Ds and Fs in other classes, but in my room, they’re a star,” said Oates. “I worry about the kids we wouldn’t discover, that wouldn’t find they love to play the guitar or they love to sing. If there wasn’t a music program, then what?”

Voting ends in a few weeks, and the class will find out in early December whether or not they won.

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