Coming to you courtside from Sleep Train Arena, Grant began the show by talking about the Sacramento Kings’ need to win a majority of the games on their upcoming home stretch and the possible lineups you may see on the court tonight. Grant also discussed the current state of the Oakland Raiders and the 49ers’ chances if Alex Smith doesn’t return in time to face the Chicago Bears.

NFL analyst Dan Dierdorf of CBS joined Grant on the show today.

Dierdorf talked about tackling in his era compared to the current era, the effect of Ben Roethlisberger’s injury on the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Indianapolis Colts’ success under rookie quarterback Andrew Luck and the Houston Texans’ place atop the AFC.

NFL Network and college football analyst Charles Davis made his weekly stop on the show.

Davis talked about Alabama suffering their first loss, the state of the BCS rankings, the tough road that Oregon has and his shared thoughts on this year’s Heisman candidates.


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