By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento theater group is singing the blues after thieves rewrote their script. Now, the “Best of Broadway” theater group is in a last-minute scramble to survive.

They may be belting out “Hakuna Matata,” but there are worries for this local theater group after finding themselves in the middle of a potential show-stopper.

“It was very startling at first and very stressful,” said Chris Carlson.

It was something no amount of rehearsal could prepare them for after thieves exited stage right from the “Best of Broadway” Sacramento storage location last month and left with valuable items.

“We’re talking all of the keyboards and cabling and microphones, and also the electric tools. Those were the basic infrastructure for our show,” said Carlson.

The theft, a $35,000 hit, could close the curtain for good.

“This is our 39th year and we’re trying to make it into our 40th year; and in order to make that happen, we’ve got to replace this equipment,” said Bob Gray.

Now on borrowed time, the group is using borrowed equipment to put on a one-night-only fundraising performance Friday.

Singer Bob Gray wants the thieves to hear him loud and clear. They can take away their lights, keyboards and microphones, but their voices are stronger than ever as they begin their unexpected comeback tour. It’s a show they’re calling “Relight the Night,” trying to regain the hakuna matata magic.

As the saying goes, the show must go on.

“It will go on,” says Gray.

Tickets for Friday night’s fundraiser at The Refuge, on 17th and L, in Sacramento are going for $30. If it’s successful, Best of Broadway folks say they’ll be able to raise the curtain on many more productions.


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