ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A fight over a walking trail in Roseville has come to a boiling point, created a showdown between a grassroots community group and city officials.

That community organization is refusing to back down.

“It leads to trail rage,” said Donna Wesson, Friends of Linda Creek. “People are furious.”

Wesson is one of the furious.

“Everybody’s stressed out.”

She and others do not want to share their walking path with bicyclists along Linda Creek in Roseville.

“They go too fast,” said Wesson.

The Dry Creek Greenway project was approved by city leaders. It’s a multi-use paved trail so residents can bike, walk, run or even walk the dog.

“This is a $10 million bike trail project,” said Wesson.

Winding more than four miles through Roseville along Linda Creek, the approved trail will connect schools and businesses to residential neighborhoods. The vision is to have a new commute option with bikes. But it’s not an option Wesson and her group wants.

“We have to worry about bicycles coming unpredictably upon you,” said Wesson. “If you have to jump off the trail it totally changes your experience. It’s dangerous.”

“There’s always a challenge with any design,” Public Works Director Rhon Herndon said.

But city officials say a majority of people in Wesson’s community embrace the project. They believe that it’s not only good for transportation, but good for recreation and education as well.

“They’ve actually indicated to us that they actually support the city constructing a bike trail along the creek,” said Herndon.

However, there is a catch.

“We want two trails,” said Wesson. “We want separate trails; that’s the whole key concept here.”

City officials tell CBS13 they plan on having more community meetings before making a final decision.


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