ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Some local senior citizens were left speechless and surprised after an unexpected guest showed up to their Tupperware party at Elk Grove’s Camden Springs.

This is not your average Tupperware party. The seniors at Camden Springs got the surprise of a lifetime and it wasn’t the plastic.

A high fashion model turned Tupperware star, Miss Kay Sedia dropped by for a visit.

“I’ve never had more fun, and I don’t know whether he or she is female, but this has been a wonderful party and thank you,” said one woman.

Sedia is known around the world as the number one selling Tupperware diva, even making appearances on national television shows.

While some think most seniors wouldn’t have a sense of humor, which wasn’t the case. They were laughing so hard, some were even in tears.

“I was speechless, just absolutely speechless,” said another woman.

For Sedia, it’s not just about selling Tupperware.

“These ladies were crazy. I had so much fun with them,” she said. “They really lit up my day.”

It’s more about remembering those who might be up in age, but always young at heart.

“It makes them feel alive, a sense of energy and happiness in the building, and that is so important in these senior years,” said Minette Harper, Camden Springs manager.

The seniors at Camden Springs are known for living life to the fullest. This year, they went whitewater rafting.

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