SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Last week the skies opened and it rained, it rained again, and it rained some more,

More wet weather in the forecast this week might not be welcome to some, but this storm won’t back nearly the punch.

“The storm we are having Tuesday into Wednesday will be much more routine,” said Cindy Matthews with the National Weather Service’s Sacramento office.

It’s not expected to rain much, enough to get wet, but not enough to impact creeks and streams again.

The rain from this storm is expected to taper out by Wednesday night. The rest of the week should see patchy fog in the mornings but then sunny skies. The weekend also will stay dry.

“We’ve had several days of no rain so the creeks have been able to come down,” she said.

Whether you like the wet weather or find it a nuisance, experts say last week’s storms were a good thing. The region got as much rain in a week as it does during an average month during the winter.

“The main reservoirs in the northern Sierra all took a nice bit of inflow and got full pretty quick,” said Dave Rizzardo with the Department of Water Resources, who called it a nice shot in the army after last year’s dry winter.

Forecasters were concerned the storm would cause serious flooding in the region, and some areas were hit hard, but a late storm surprise may have saved wide-spread damage.

“At the tail end when it was supposed to be a lot of rain up high, we actually got a lot of snow,” Rizzardo said.

People know, whenever we can get the rain, we’ll take it.

“It’s normal. It’s wintertime. And I’m OK with it,” one woman said Tuesday.

“It’s time for rain,” said another. “We need the rain.”


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