The day starts with Don introducing us to a new game he wants to play later: the “Seinfeld Mouse Trap Game.” In which Don reads Seinfeld trivia questions, and wrong answers get you a mouse trap snap on the hand. After the guys each try the mouse trap on themselves, Don calls up Dave from “Dave’s Christmas Trees,” to see if we can get wreaths to put up around the station. Don also rehashes the “Christmas Tree Incident” from 2 years ago, in which he got banned from using the station intercom. We then get a “Whore For The Holidays” update, as the contest will end tomorrow, and the guys talk extensively about the girl that Drew really likes at the Bunny Ranch, an 18 year old who’s still in high school! As a direct result, the guys spend the next 30 minutes listening to “Pedo Songs,” like those of Gary Puckett, Winger, Ringo Starr, and Mike Douglas.

The guys then get into some new East Coast Bob tapes, and while they do, the station signal keeps cutting in and out, because our main transmitter goes down, and the sound quality becomes horrendous. As the guys try to figure out the problem, listeners call and text in with what they’re hearing in their cars. Engineer Bob finally stops in and fixes the problem, and the guys return to the daily shenanigans, as Don shows us a video about a woman from the Ukraine who was raised by dogs, and behaves as such. The guys find it hilarious, but Craig actually gets turned on by it!

It’s then time to play the “Seinfeld Mouse Trap Game,” or as Don begins calling it, “Trap or Slap,” as he decides that with every wrong question, the guys will have their choice of getting the mousetrap, or being slapped in the face. Drew and Don exchange slaps in the face, and Little Joe slaps Craig as well. Craig also takes a mousetrap on his butt cheek, Phantom has the mousetrap break one of his brittle fingers, and Drew and Joe each take four mouse traps at a time! Noodles even comes in and takes the mousetrap on his lip! The guys get so wrapped up in the game that the “Phantom News Hour” gets skipped, but as always, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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