By Tony Lopez

LODI (CBS13) – It’s a one-of-a-kind Christmas display that was stolen from a fisherman’s front yard.

The nights have been dark and lonely outside the Costello’s Lodi home. Sure, most of their Christmas displays still sparkle, but something was missing.

“My house is not complete right now,” said Mike Costello.

That’s because someone stole what used to be a center piece in his lawn décor, leaving an empty spot in Mike’s heart.

When cold-hearted Christmas culprits lifted that centerpiece, Mike went on a mission.

“So of course I drove up and around, and drove the blocks and down the streets,” said Mike.

With no luck, he had to break the news to his family.

But then, it was a Christmas miracle. A neighbor found a bunch of stolen Christmas displays dumped in her yard.

“She got a pile of stuff from reindeer to snowmen and lights, and of course our fish,” said Mike.

In this game of Go Fish, Mike didn’t think it was in the cards.

This veteran fishing captain reeled his giant salmon back in.

“You know, it’s so unique you never know what you can find. I think it was part of an old sign or something,” said Mike.

He walks and talks with pride, as a renewed holiday spirit is spawning with every step.

The thieves damaged the salmon’s lights.

“I think we’re gonna have to redo all the lights on here, but that’s okay. At least I’ve got the salmon back,” Mike said.

It was a catch and release experience for a fishing captain who has his first mate back on board.

Mike says he should have brand new lights on his salmon by this weekend, and a security camera will be on, just in case.


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