SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – One week ago, a storm turned their lives upside down as relentless rain left their homes underwater. Now people at the Auburn Villa mobile home park in Sacramento County are getting their lives back on track.

“I’m going to try and put it all back together,” resident Paul Hodam said.

It has been a long week for Paul Hodam.

“I just moved back in, got it cleaned and sanitized so I can live in it again,” said Hodam.

His home at the mobile home park was completely flooded by last weekend’s storms.

“Most of the people that got totally wiped out, they’re struggling,” said Auburn Villa Manager Ron Brock.

Brock says everyone is trying to get their homes back in order.

“We got carpeting for almost everyone who needs it. A lot of things have come together and really helping us,” said Brock.

About a dozen people have been completely displaced, but everyone else is hard at work. The park is expecting that more people will volunteer in the clean-up effort.

“Right now I’m rebuilding my deck. It floated off the foundation into the water,” said Hodam.

It took about 10 to 15 minutes for the water to overtake the area.

“Overall, we lucked out really. We didn’t lose everything,” said Brock.

Residents coming together has really made the difference.

“It didn’t make any difference who you were, or where you were. They went and helped everybody else,” said Brock.

People like Hodam have had to reach out to friends to get through this first week, but already he’s feeling better.

“I’m coming back, I gotta think positive. That’s what I say, and it all will work, will come together,” said Hodam.

As for the rest of his neighbors, they too are taking it day by day.

“They’re doing great for what they have been through. I’m proud of a lot of these people. They have really stuck together,” said Brock.

A couple people still don’t know if their homes will be livable after cleaning up.


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