SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The rare 12-12-12 date Wednesday prompted thousands of weddings across the country, and some mothers felt blessed to welcome newborns into the world.

A Placerville couple is the proud new parents of the first baby born at the Kaiser Permanente hospital in Roseville.

Mother Emily Martin got the surprise of her life with a new baby girl born on 12-12-12.

“We are very blessed to have a new girl added to our family!” she said.

Baby Eisley Anne Martin arrived five days early at 2:45 Wednesday morning, weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

“I was in a lot of pain and my husband was driving very safely but very fast!” she said.

Even though her birth was a shock Emily says she thinks she used a secret weapon.

“I had a lot of pineapple yesterday, raspberry leaf tea, some primrose oil – and it worked.”

While being born on this date is supposed to bring good luck, the new baby’s name Eisley means cheerful. Her grandparents say that’s just what she’s brought.

“Cheerful and being lucky, that is wonderful. She is lucky to have the parents she has and she will be loved,” said grandmother Melinda Smith.

This is the second child for the Martin family and Emily is excited about her daughter’s birth date.

“I thought that would be a fun day,” she said. “Having a December birthday can be hard. At least it fell on a fun date that we will always remember.”

Emily said she’s eager to get her baby home for the holiday.

“I am really looking forward to being home with my kids for the holidays, especially since now this is her first Christmas,” she said.

The rare date also prompted several marriages. Kimberly and Anthony missed out getting married on 11-11-11. Kimberly’s hoping the easy date of 12-12-12 means no forgotten anniversaries.

“it’s such an easy number. I mean would you forget it?” she asked the groom after their ceremony at the Sacramento County clerk-recorder’s office. “How hard is it to forget 12-12?”

Wedding bells were ringing for thousands of couples, many choosing 12-12-12 to get married because of the meaning behind the date.

“Once-in-a-lifetime thing,” one newlywed said. “Last time in our lifetime anyways.”

“Because it will never happen again and hopefully marriage will never happen again. This is the one and only time,” a new groom said.

The next time numbers will align like this won’t be until Jan. 1, 3001. About 40 people signed up at the clerk-recorder’s office to get married, but they’re expecting walk-ins too.

“This is extraordinary. An average day for us is approximately 10 weddings. On a Wednesday we usually do four or five. So we’re doing quite a few more today.”

For some the day represents luck, but Anthony wasn’t buying it. “I don’t think so,” he said. “It’s just a number.”


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