ROCKLIN (CBS13) – A Rocklin man accused of being naked and touching himself right next to the freeway turns out to be a convicted sex offender.

He was naked near Interstate 80 for everyone to see, and luckily a driver did, who then called the police. It landed the suspects behind bars but not on the Megan’s Law website.

According to police, around 1 p.m. Sunday, plenty of drivers saw a lot of 65-year-old Harold Emery.

“It made me concerned ’cause I work at the music store by myself,” said Jeffra Lokteff.

Right behind an abandoned church, near the music store, Rocklin police say Emery was in the buff touching himself.

“The afternoons are filled with music students taking music lessons,” said Lokteff.

There are plenty of students at the nearby shop, kids at the children’s museum next door, plus youngsters in Emery’s neighborhood that could have seen him.

His neighbor says she never knew he was a sex offender.

“He stays to himself, never seen him too much, collects cans, bottles, whatever. That’s all I see,” neighbor Jackie Hobart said.

Police say he’s not on the Megan’s Law website because someone convicted of indecent exposure is never listed. Even now, charged with a felony, the sex offender will still be able to avoid the website.

“There’s kids driving by, women driving by, men driving by, it’s completely offensive,” said Lt. Lon Milka, Rocklin Police Department.

A driver called the police when he saw Emery, and then followed him to where he got dressed.

Police arrested Emery in front of a car dealership.

Police say it’s happened in the area before, and are looking into a report of another indecent exposure reported last year.

Emery was arrested for lewd conduct and booked into the Placer County Jail. He denied a CBS13 request for an interview.


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