WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Hundreds of people across the Sacramento Valley woke up this morning without power.

PG&E reported that around 350 homes lost power in West Sacramento. CBS13 went to a retirement home where the lights went out not once, but twice.

Inside the Margaret McDowell Manor you can hear laughter and conversation, but listen closely and you’ll notice the familiar sound of Christmas cheer is silent. There are no carols being sung and no familiar sound from the kitchen of meals being cooked.

“Well, we were talking and the lights went out and we knew the power was gone,” said Johanne Lewis, who lives at the manor.

For the 100 senior citizens who live at the home, this is the second time the power’s gone out for them on Christmas Day. The first happened in the middle of the night, and the second happened while many cooked breakfast.

“I was cooking a pot of beans when my electricity went off,” said Lewis.

And miles away in Fair Oaks, the Feritas’ power went out as well, putting their Christmas feast on hold.

“[My] wife was about to start cooking a big dinner for everybody,” said Joracio Feritas.

“We got our candles going,” said Karl Ozinga.

The Ozingas’s power shut down just as the kids sat down for pancakes.

“Boom! No electricity,” said Karl.

No lights twinkling on the tree; none of the electronic Christmas toys were powered up, and their pancakes were cooked on a gas camping stove.

“And that is the prettiest Christmas breakfast I’ve ever seen,” said a woman as she threw pancakes on a plate.

The Ozingas didn’t know when they’d get power back, but for those at Margaret McDowell Manor, they finally got the present they’d been hoping for.

“Merry Christmas, the lights just went on,” said a resident.

The electricity came on while we were there. But the residents we spoke to agree even if they lost power all day, spending Christmas together is all that counts.

“And we’re happy no matter what we’re happy,” said Karl

The manager of the apartment says she had lots of plans for Christmas, but instead she’s staying here to watch over her tenants in case the power goes out again.


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