SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A CBS13 crew went out to Natomas were people are braving the elements in the name of entertainment.

It looks like Santa got out of here just in time to avoid the rain.

“I don’t like it,” said one person.

Sheets of rain pounded the valley right around dinner time.

“I just wanted the opportunity to see the kids outside playing happy, that’s all,” said Marquess Thibodeaux.

Rain’s not ruining the holiday; it’s just changing it a bit and keeping some kids cooped up a little too long.

“He’s doing all the cartwheels and all that. I’m telling him to sit down every five minutes. It’s crazy,” said Thibodeaux.

Put on that raincoat and grab that umbrella!

Not too many people were out in Old Sacramento earlier. The nearby Riverwalk was empty after dark, but we did find a few brave souls taking a stroll in the storm.

“I think it’s beautiful. The lights are more sparkly than ever,” said one person.

“It’s still Christmas, you know? And the rain’s no problem,” said another person.

The rain’s no problem for the Sacramento River. Levels are noticeably higher enough to be at monitor stage upstream. But, there’s no danger of flooding. It’s just a Christmas night washout.

Think of it as an excuse for more quality family time.


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