NYACK (CBS13) – It was slow going in the Sierra Monday as people hit the road after the holiday.

The snow storm caught some drivers off guard in Nyack.

A snowy scene blanketed the Sierra Wednesday, which surprised drivers the day after Christmas.

“We weren’t expecting this snow,” traveler Casey Fleischer said.

The snow was constant.

“It’s been tough,” said Cameron Terry, who’s driving to Utah. “(I) should have gone a day before Christmas.”

Another batch of snow had cars and trucks hugging Interstate 80 at Alta for chain control.

“You really do have to take the time to put your chains on and drive slower,” skier Steve Luna said. “Just be smart about it.”

Fleischer, of Reno, on her way to Disneyland, saw it all Wednesday.

“We actually had a lot of pile up on snow,” said Fleischer. “The plows weren’t getting up there fast enough, but they’re doing the best they can. We did see a lot of them out there; there was a lot of chain control notices.”

Those notices were just reminding people it is tricky to drive in.

“Just because you have a four wheel drive doesn’t mean you’re not going to do a 360 and spin around on some black ice,” said Luna. “Right after plows go by that stuff’s icy.”


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