LODI (CBS13) – A Lodi native heard those famous words “Come on down,” getting the rare chance to play on the “Price Is Right.” But this story is about more than one man’s dream to be on the hit game show.

It’s about a dream fulfilled for a lost loved one and a lucky streak that seems to follow him.

It’s one thing to go see the “Price Is Right,” but to actually get called up on stage is pretty unlikely. However, it isn’t the first time Scott Plines has gotten very lucky.

“I won the lotto back in 2007 as well, so yeah, I thank God every day,” said Scott. “I truly think of it as a miracle.”

For Scott, ending up a contestant on the game show topped it all, even the time he won $47,000 on a $3 lottery scratcher.

“It felt like almost an out of body experience as it was taking place. As the show went on, I couldn’t believe it was taking place,” he said. “I had to pinch myself.”

Scott has been a huge fan since childhood, growing up in Lodi. The trip to see the show in person was a 30th birthday surprise from his brother. Since his episode hasn’t aired yet, Scott isn’t allowed to say how he did.

“To say the least, it was very surreal,” said Scott.

It was surreal, and maybe bittersweet because of who couldn’t be there. His sister Bre passed away this year after a long battle with cystic fibrosis. Bre always dreamed of seeing the “Price Is Right.”

“I thought about her when I was spinning the wheel, you know, just wishing she could be there to experience,” Scott said.

Scott, his brother, and brother’s girlfriend wore t-shirts in Bre’s honor. They believe it was more than luck that got Scott on stage.

“It was special, almost like she was there with us that day, you know. Kinda getting him on stage, helping him on his way, helping him to bid,” brother Brandon Plines said.

It’s a touching experience, one Scott will never forget for so many reasons.


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