WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The boy can’t walk or talk. Now, his very best friend Sasha is missing and the family is pleading to get the dog back.

An adorable Yorkie at just 11 pounds, Sasha has captured many hearts, but most importantly, Justin’s.

“She keeps him smiling, keeps him up when he’s feeling down,” said Detria Terry, Justin’s aunt.

With cerebral palsy, Justin is wheelchair bound and currently in a San Francisco hospital undergoing treatment.

“He was given a life expectancy of 2 or 4years old,” said Terry.

But the miracle boy from the San Joaquin Valley is now 17 years old. His condition is failing, but for the past four years, one of the brightest lights of his life has been his furry best friend.

“I don’t want to tell him when he gets out of the hospital that he has no dog,” said Terry.

She was caring for Sasha while Justin was in the hospital.

“She is so important to Justin and he’s having a really hard time right now,” said Terry.

Terry was walking Sasha Thursday afternoon when a big dog came charging. Scared, Sasha wiggled out of her collar and took off across Bruceville Road in Elk Grove.

“She doesn’t normally live in Elk Grove with us, so she’s in very unfamiliar territory,” Terry said.

She has been on an all-out search ever since. She’s been plastering Elk Grove with fliers and is now offering a $500 reward. She says Sasha’s tags came off with her collar, but a microchip is implanted in the dog.

“I’m hoping someone has found her and has her somewhere where it’s warm,” said Terry.

Torn apart with guilt, she doesn’t want to break the bad news to her nephew. Justin’s already fighting against all odds, but Sasha is the only one who always made him smile.

All the family is asking is for Sasha to be home by Jan. 3. That is when they believe Justin will be out of the hospital.

Since Sasha has a microchip, the family is asking that if anyone sees her, just bring Sasha into any shelter and Justin’s family will be alerted.


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