SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An armed robber is behind bars after he put down his gun and was tackled by store employees.

The attempted robbery happened early Wednesday morning at the T & Y Market on Norwood Avenue near Las Palmas Avenue.

Police say the gunman arrived at the store just as a truck was making a delivery.

They say he tied up the truck driver and one of the store employees using ribbon found in the store.

“I was scared for my life,” said Richard, the store’s assistant manager. “I was thinking of my son, thinking of my family, my wife, my mom.”

The suspect then held the assistant store manager at gunpoint while wandering around the market. When the suspect put down his gun, Richard tackled the man. The other store employee was able to get loose from his bindings and helped hold the suspect down until police arrived.

“I was scared to death because, ‘What is he going to do to him?’ I kept watching and my hands aren’t tied, they’re not tied,” Richard said. “At that time he puts the gun on the glass case. That opportunity arose. I jumped over and punched him.”

Police officers tell CBS13, the gunman did try to fire the gun at some point. The store employee says police told him the gun didn’t fire because the suspect had loaded the wrong-size bullets.

“It could have went really wrong with him shooting people because we were aggressive,” he said. “An opportunity arose by luck.”

The name of the suspect has not been released.


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