STOCKTON (CBS13) – For months CBS13 has requested documents from San Joaquin County authorities in the “Speed Freak Killers” case, trying to figure out how one of the victims remains were mixed with another victim’s.

We have repeatedly been denied and turned away. From the sheriff to county supervisors, virtually every top official in San Joaquin County has ducked or dodged our questions.

And they did it again Tuesday.

We submitted three requests and what we got back was essentially nothing, so we went to the Board of Supervisors directly Tuesday, pushing again for answers.

“We have asked for the anthropologist report to be released regarding the case and we have also asked for the sheriff’s emails along with the detectives emails, but we continue to be denied,” CBS13 reporter Laura Cole said in addressing the board.

We asked supervisors to push for the release of documents relating to the case and search for remains.

“It’s about my sister. It’s about the victims who are buried in the dirt over there,” said Michelle Loftis, sister of victim JoAnn Hobson.

Since October CBS13 has made several requests for public records, asking for Sheriff Steve Moore’s emails and the anthropologist report on victim JoAnn Hobson’s remains found inside a Linden well last year. Hobson went missing in 1985 when she was 16. It was discovered that her remains were commingled with another victim, Kimberly Billy.

The county denied our requests, citing an ongoing investigation, but with the criminal cases closed long ago, JoAnn’s family believes there is no ongoing investigation.

“There are no concrete answers as to why my sister was commingled with others,” Loftis said. “There’s been no contact from the sheriff’s (office) to our family.”

Sheriff Moore attended Tuesday’s meeting, but not long after Cole spoke, he left.

And when we approached the supervisors to get their reaction, they brushed us off.

“I’ll just have to refer to our counsel,” one supervisor said. “I’m not completely familiar with that request.”

The county counsel did speak with us and said the board can’t require county counsel to release anything or the sheriff’s department, for that matter.

The sheriff’s department is its own entity and essentially it seems to answer to no one.

The FBI is now in charge of searching for remains in another Linden well.


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