Don starts the morning by telling us why he’s so tired today: his dog Oscar kept him up all night because Janet was out seeing a psychic. The guys then get into a discussion about the Here We Buy movement, the grass roots effort to keep the Kings from being sold to Seattle. Don, being relatively new here, has never seen a town with so much loyalty to their team, that will jump at a moments notice to unite, and do everything they can to save them, only to get yanked around again.

After Don tells us why he could care less about Lance Armstrong admitting to using PEDs, we hear a story about six-year-olds who got suspended for using their hands as guns during recess, and this gets the guys doing their best gun sounds, mostly “shooting” at Craig and Slow Joe. Don then reads off a list of Forbes’ “Friendliest Cities in the U.S.” and Don calls a few places in each town to see just how friendly they really are.

After Don tells us why this is the most depressing week of the year (there’s only three NFL games left), Don lightens the mood by playing the Jefferson’s “Damn Damn Damn” clip, and a clip from a very special All In The Family. We then get a visit from actor/comedian Bryan Callen. Bryan, who will be performing at the Punchline in San Francisco, tells us why he won’t be in “Hangover 3,” his style of stand up comedy, being on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and being bit in the face by a cow!

After a another phone scan, and the guys look at Georgie Fairmont’s new twitter pics, the talk about the new Showtime series “Shameless,” and Little Joe tells us what the odds are in Vegas on the Kings leaving. The fellas also talk about what candy they’d most like to shoot out of their junk, before Don tells us that so far, the Here We Buy movement has already raised $8.6 million. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, a teacher stomps on the American Flag in front of his class, movies that will be coming out in 2014 & 15, and Lindsay Lohan’s sex scene in “The Canyons” may get leaked out on the internet. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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