Davis School Intruder Turns Out To Be Employee Prankster

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DAVIS (CBS13) – Police surround a school after a strange man was found hiding in a classroom. However, it turned out that the prowler was really a prankster, a school employee.

That report of a prowler caused a panic at Pioneer Elementary School, and left parents angry and the district embarrassed.

No one was hurt, and a police report wasn’t even taken. However, that prank definitely had people at the Davis elementary school on edge, and also scratching their heads as to why a school employee would ever want to do this to one of their peers.

“That’s not a funny prank; that’s poor taste,” said one man.

Parents of Pioneer Elementary School students aren’t laughing. They can’t understand why a school employee would pull a prank on a teacher by pretending to be an intruder during school hours.

“Common sense is not always something that all employees possess,” said Matt Best, Davis Joint Unified School District spokesperson.

It happened Thursday morning while parents were dropping off their kids at school. A teacher ran into the office saying a strange man was in her classroom.

“He was dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, and walked through another staff member’s classroom, and she was concerned he might have been an intruder,” said Best.

It turns out, he wasn’t an intruder or even a stranger; he was her coworker, playing a very untimely prank.

“It’s never acceptable behavior, but it really isn’t under those circumstances and hopefully children weren’t present when it happened,” parent Jamie Anderson said.

“School safety is certainly a hot topic these days as a result of the shootings, and that’s why we take these matters so seriously,” said Best.

The Davis Joint Unified School District won’t say if the prankster is also a teacher, only that he’s an employee; and the district won’t say what, if any, discipline he may be facing.

“I think pranks are always untimely when they happen at a school site. They are disruptive, and it took a lot of time and energy to resolve; and it didn’t need to happen,” said Best.

It’s a lesson in poor judgment that has parents demanding answers and accountability.

“I hope they are following the appropriate disciplinary actions for that person, because that’s incredibly inappropriate given the current environment,” said Anderson.

The district says it’s going to continue to review safety procedures, but says the school responded appropriately.

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