SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – You may love your 49ers, but one couple is taking it to the next level. Their love for each other goes far beyond the gridiron.

The loud cheering of fans at a game is almost what it sounded like when Louis Robello popped the big question.

“I’m screaming and wailing, and he has the ring in his hand and I’m knocking it out of his hand,” said Bonnie Kunkel.

It was at a 49ers game, right after they scored a touchdown.

“And then he asked me. I just cried. I was emotional. I’ll never forget,” she said.

Robello hopes she never forgets the 49ers either.

“I told her she has to convert, or it’s a deal breaker for me,” Robello said.

Originally a cowboys fan, Kunkel knew it was the cowboys or the love of her life.

“He said, ‘you’re marrying me, so you have to be a Niners fan,” Kunkel said.

The 49ers will now always be a part of their love story.

“He’s a die hard 49ers fan. It couldn’t have happened anywhere else better,” said Kunkel.

It’s forever and ever, as long as she stays a 49ers fan.

The couple says they hope to attend one game a year to celebrate their love.


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